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Yuuki Asuna - The Flash - Oculus Medium 3D Fanart

This is my first 3D model ever. Not just in Oculus Medium, but ever. Usually I make 2D arts so I’m very happy with this. I made this 1.5 week. I only used the Oculus Medium and I don’t used any shortcutcs like pre made body part or something. This was a great challange and I very enjoyed this time.

Work with lot of layer and material part was a little bit difficult. One of the most challanging part was the posing after the T-pose but I restructured the whole model and I migrate lot of layer and I was able to do this. But this was hard because I can’t deform selected layers, just only the active or all layer. I hope the layer lock will come to Medium soon :)

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Yuuki Asuna - The Flash - Oculus Medium Fanart